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Everything a professional needs

The premium quality tool kit from Stahlwille

Whether it's craftswomen, craftsmen or fitters in service jobs, they all have to be able to react flexibly and often under time pressure to a wide range of demands in the field as well as in the workshop. Even minor repairs often produce unforeseen surprises. If the right tool is immediately at hand without having to waste time looking for it, this makes the task easier and saves a lot of time.

With the 58-piece professional tool kit from Stahlwille, skilled workers are equipped for all eventualities – and the high quality standard is typical of this manufacturer. That premium quality guarantees reliable operation under all conditions and ensures a long tool life. Users quickly notice the difference in practice. Open-jaw and ring spanners, for example, grip fastener heads firmly and securely even when the screws or nuts are dirty or worn. Sophisticated production processes and tight manufacturing tolerances ensure the necessary dimensional accuracy.

Included in the basic tool kit is a set of ten double-ended open-jaw spanners covering the most popular sizes, five screwdrivers with ergonomically designed two-component handles, a set of hexagon key wrenches and a bit box with a ratchet. The kit is completed with a locksmith's hammer, various pliers and cutters, a handy hacksaw and a wire brush. The kit also includes measuring and testing equipment such as a spirit level, folding rule and voltage tester. The company has even thought of including a powerful telescopic torch.

The entire kit is housed in a spacious tool bag with pockets all round and with a sturdy but lightweight aluminium carrying handle. The bag itself is made of a very robust, tear-resistant fabric. The plastic tray integrated as a base prevents liquids from penetrating the bag, for example when the bag is placed on a damp surface. With a flexible lid and hook-and-loop fasteners, the tool bag can be completely closed – so nothing can fall out and get lost during transport. The wide shoulder strap makes it easy to carry the bag comfortably.

For anyone looking for a sturdy, convenient bag for their existing tools, it is also available empty.

Recommended retail prices:

Bag with tools             € 249.00 ex VAT

Bag without tools         € 59.00 ex VAT


With the 58-piece professional tool set from Stahlwille, craftswomen, craftsmen and service technicians are ideally equipped for all eventualities


The tool bag is available either empty or filled with a 58-piece basic tool kit


The spacious tool bag is made of a very robust, tear-resistant fabric and has a sturdy but lightweight aluminium handle that makes it easy to carry. It also includes a comfortable, wide, padded shoulder strap.




For over 150 years, the name STAHLWILLE has been a byword for innovative premium handtools that are »Made in Germany«. With its intelligent torque technology and tool systems, high-grade tightening tools and individual solutions for tool storage in a modern design, STAHLWILLE continues to redefine standards.

The company unites all the outstanding features of traditional German forging, state-of-the-art production techniques and digital technologies. From classic handtools and automatic calibration systems through to interconnected tool solutions for the next generation, STAHLWILLE is recognised as being a leading, worldwide pace-setter in the handtools industry.


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