04.06.2018 | Category : Press

Pirelli "DRIVER" dealership network relies on STAHLWILLE torque wrenches

Wuppertal, 04.06.2018

The Italian Pirelli dealership network, DRIVER, has opted for torque technology made by STAHLWILLE. This tool specialist from Wuppertal, Germany, supplies the MANOSKOP® torque wrench, amongst many other tools. 721/20 Quick is included in the new DRIVER kit that is being rolled out to more than 435 tyre specialists in the Pirelli network.

The Italian tyre specialists in the DRIVER network provide professional services in all matters relating to the sale and fitting of tyres for vehicles of all kinds and are a byword for uncompromising accuracy. Since May this year, the DRIVER kit now enables them to work even more accurately and effectively.

Included in this DRIVER kit, STAHLWILLE is supplying the MANOSKOP® 721/20 Quick torque wrench – which is predestined for fast, safe wheel changes – as a limited edition with the DRIVER logo. Also part of the kit is a voucher for free-of-charge calibration of the torque wrench and a chart developed by STAHLWILLE that allows the right tightening torque for any vehicle to be located quickly and easily.

MANOSKOP® 721/20 Quick features the flexible rod trigger mechanism that is only available in STAHLWILLE products and does not require a coil spring. This mechanism saves users time that is wasted by users of other torque tools resetting the spring to "0". At the same time, this flexible rod technology is more durable and guarantees long-term accuracy and reliability.

The slider for setting the required target torque is quickly unlocked using the easily accessible locking lever in the handle and moved using the slip-resistant thumb recess. Fast, exact setting, even where the angle of sight is unfavourable, is facilitated by the twin Vernier scale (N·m/ft·lb or N·m/in·lb) with special markings and an integrated magnifier.

The calibration voucher coupon can be used by the DRIVER workshop for a free-of-charge certification of the calibration for one torque wrench from STAHLWILLE or a different manufacturer – for instance as part of the annual check, calibration and certification of torque tools as prescribed in the applicable standard.

In addition, DRIVER and STAHLWILLE have jointly produced a video that explains the importance of controlled tightening in connection with vehicle wheels. This is part of a comprehensive video strategy launched by DRIVER and will be published on social media channels maintained by Pirelli, DRIVER and STAHLWILLE in the coming weeks.

"There are many links between DRIVER and us", explains Marino Ferrarese, General Manager of the Italian STAHLWILLE subsidiary. "The one that stands out most is the uncompromising commitment to product quality. This is why we are particularly pleased about this cooperation agreement, which will be of tremendous benefit to all members of the DRIVER network."

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